Presentation & "user disabled"

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Presentation & "user disabled"

Message par Wood » dim. 3 déc. 2017 17:40

Hello friends:
I introduce myself, I'm Wood. Initially I signed up for free because I am new to the use of private clouds such as Nextcloud.
After several experiments I could run and synchronize my cloud and information without problems in my pc, in Thunderbird, in my phone with a couple of apps and in Rainlendar.
This gave me the confidence to support their work and become a Gold user.
Immediately I had the possibility to encrypt my information.
However now as Gold I can not log in or synchronize my calendar (indicates error).
My cloud was practically empty and I only tested with a couple of small files.
I do not know if the update process is automatic or they must do it manually.
I attached capture.
Thank you very much for your work and for offering alternatives to those who respect the neutrality of the network.

capture login error

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Re: Presentation & "user disabled"

Message par did » dim. 3 déc. 2017 18:44

Hi, welcome here,

Did you use the good server adress ?
The web interface for an encrypted account is
The same to synchronize with Thunderbird or Android.

About the update process, I'm not sure, a Zaclys admin should answer you soon.

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Re: Presentation & "user disabled"

Message par Wood » lun. 4 déc. 2017 10:09

Shortly after I discovered that the new domain is "almost" the same with a "c" ahead :!:
I set everything up again without problems.
Just one more question: Can an extra plugin be added from the Nextcloud repository ?.
Thanks for your prompt response :D

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Re: Presentation & "user disabled"

Message par MatthieuBarbu » mar. 2 janv. 2018 11:51

Hi Wood,

Regarding extra plugin : no, it's only available in the "Dedicated cloud server offer". In the mutual server, the plugins are activated for every user so we activate the most requested.

Regarding the update process : it's on administrators 'side. Updates aren't automated. They are made by the Zaclys staff after stability verifications.

Best regards,
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